About Us

About Kingston No. 19

Having Fun…Socialising…Helping the local community…Making Friends…Secret handshakes and temple rituals …Beer tasting….Good banter…

Did you spot the odd one out?

Kingston Round Table offers professional men the opportunity to engage with a range of different people, and experience activities that they may not otherwise get the chance to get involved in.

We are not a secret society – you may be confusing us with another completely different (and separate) organisation. Similarly, we are not a full time charity. We are an organisation that, wherever possible, likes to help out in our local community whilst enjoying ourselves at the same time.

Our aims are to have fun, get involved, and make some good friends whilst we do it. We are all about inclusion here; we are non-religious, non-political, and non-sectarian.

All in all we consider ourselves to be a friendly bunch at Kingston RT19, so if socialising, helping out your local community, making local trusted contacts, and generally having a bit of fun whilst you do it sounds like a good escape from the daily grind, feel free to come down and have a beer.

About Round Table

Round Table is the largest voluntary organisation for young men in the world. We have thousands of members who meet up every couple of weeks around the UK to have fun and get involved in their local communities.

Most local clubs get together to do anything from paint-balling and off-roading to a simple game of football or a night out at a comedy club.

Each local Round Table organises its own community events. These vary from club to club, ranging from carnivals and bonfires for tens of thousands of people, to fun runs, beer festivals, and barbeques.

Tablers get involved in their local communities, put something back and make a real difference.