Surrey Special Olympics Bowling Tournament

Surrey Special Olympics Bowling Tournament

SOS was what the RT team was signalling again this year as they waived yet another white flag to the Special Olympics Surrey bowling team.  For five years the boys have been attempting to beat this lot, the closest being in the first year when we got the points required, but were penalised for drinking on the lanes!

A photo of the final scores

So close. Maybe next year.

“This is honestly the most fun I have had losing” said Justin.  That’s perhaps not too surprising however as this lot are world beaters.  Time and time again the team takes on foreign competition and time after time they come back with the silverware.    Thanks again to Sue Fret and all at SOS for organising such a great evening and hopefully see you again next year………….. P.S. we need a ringer so any 200+ bowlers out there get in touch.

A photo of the Round Table team members

Who lost the trophy?


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