Slow Boat to Richmond

Slow Boat to Richmond

“Eat your heart out DiCaprio” grinned our Chairman Edd “the Gent” Nicklin as he bent his fillie, Ruth, over the bow of the New Southern Bell holding a pint of the amber nectar. A highlight for sure in a fantastic day on the river with our friends from the Kingston 41er’s. Wives, partners and mistresses (well that was the rumour!) joined in the fun which commenced with an advanced party joining the Turks launch at Hampton Court before stopping at Kingston to pick up the rest of the revellers.

Picture of Nick Mace and wife

It all gets a bit too much for former Chairman, Nick Mace

Once on board even the sun came out (briefly) and the bar was attacked in earnest. The fun didn’t stop when we arrived at Richmond, with none of the attendees opting for the soft option of going straight back on the same boat we continued the party in two of Richmond’s finest hostelries. The alarms on several of the ladies phones rang out simultaneously at 5.30 p.m. signalling an exodus of those with young families. For some a curry followed, but all agreed it was a cracking end to a brilliant Table Summer.


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